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緣起:亞洲蒙特梭利 (MA; Montessori Asia)委員會乃由亞洲各國蒙特梭利資深前輩組成,包含:日本、韓國、新加坡、中國、臺灣、香港、俄羅斯 等代表共同協議組成,透過每年舉行的國際學術會議,交流對蒙特梭利的研究與發現,並召開委員會商議次年會議舉辦地點以及未來亞洲蒙特梭利教育發展趨勢。首屆亞洲蒙特梭利年會乃於2009年於臺灣臺北舉辦,歷經10年,委員會於2017年決議2020年年會於臺灣舉行,但由於新冠肺炎疫情爆發在與委員會討論後決議,2020年停辦並於2023年10月重新舉辦,由國際蒙特梭利教育中心(IMEI)承辦。

The Montessori Asia Committee was established by senior Montessorians from across Asia, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Russia. The representatives reached a mutual agreement to form this committee with the goal of exchanging research and findings of Montessori education throughout an annual international conference.The committee convenes to discuss the location of the next year's conference and future trends in Montessori education in Asia. 

The first Montessori Asia Annual Conference took place in Taipei, Taiwan in 2009, and in 2017, the committee chose to hold the annual conference in Taiwan again in 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we consulted with members and made the decision to postpone the Montessori Asia Conference from May 2020 to October 7th and 8th, 2023. IMEI (International Montessori Educational Institute) is the host of this exciting event.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Taiwan for the 2023 Montessori Asia Conference.

The Montessori Asia Committee

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